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Revlon tweezers travel set

I was trimming my eye brows today. I do not like it. It is so painful. I wonder if I use the right tweezers for my eye brows. How do you trim your eye brows? Do you go to a saloon? Do you do trim it by yourself? The last time I went to the saloon to trim my eye brows. This time I did it myself. What kind of tweezers do you use? I found this Revlon tweezers travel set.


It is perfect to carry wherever you go. It has stainless steel. It has two sets of tweezers. There is slant tip tweezers and point tip tweezers which is what I need. I now this tweezers work because it is from a prestigious beauty product company. These are mini but they work like a pro.

Eternal summer bracelet for free

One of my journal friends shared the link. I checked it out in the computer. I signed up because it is free to join. I got this eternal summer bracelet for free in a week. I really love the bracelet. I got the pink color.


I love to wear jewelry. The only problem is I lost them every time I wear it. I got the free bracelet from this website from Thank you Mommy Seny for sharing the link. She is very sweet to share a free bracelet. The campaign is over now. I am linking this entry to #157 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

This garden tote bag is just too adorable

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I passed by the garden section of the store. I found this adorable garden tote bag.


They also have a back pack for sale. This garden tote bag caught my attention. There is no way it is use for gardening only.


I bought it without a doubt for my little girl. She could bring this on the beach, where she can put her swimsuit, sun block lotion and hair brush. The designs are just beautiful too. There are tulips all around the tote bag. She has now a tote bag where she can put her snacks while inside the airport or inside the airplane.