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Revlon hair dryer for my little girl

It is the season of fall. We are enjoying the warm fall weather we have. It is very warm which I love it. I can enjoy the fall colors and at the same time I can wear my shorts. This is unusual but have no complains.

Revlon hair dryer

My little girl and I have long hairs now. We need a hair dryer to keep our hairs dry before going out. The little girl really needs the hair dryer the most. I do not dry my hair. I do not want to get sick by going to school with wet hair. I bought this Revlon hair dyer in Wal-Mart. My husband’s hair dryer does not work anymore. Now I am not worry of my little girl going to school with wet hair with this Revlon hair dryer.

Revlon hair dryer

How about you? Do you use a hair dryer? What kind of hair dryers do you have?

Revlon tweezers travel set

I was trimming my eye brows today. I do not like it. It is so painful. I wonder if I use the right tweezers for my eye brows. How do you trim your eye brows? Do you go to a saloon? Do you do trim it by yourself? The last time I went to the saloon to trim my eye brows. This time I did it myself. What kind of tweezers do you use? I found this Revlon tweezers travel set.


It is perfect to carry wherever you go. It has stainless steel. It has two sets of tweezers. There is slant tip tweezers and point tip tweezers which is what I need. I now this tweezers work because it is from a prestigious beauty product company. These are mini but they work like a pro.