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A beaded stretchable bracelet

I went to a welcome party lasts night. One of my friends just came back from her vacation from the Philippines. She stayed there for six months. How sweet, lucky her? It was a fun-filled and wild party. She is very funny and we surely missed her so bad. She gave us girls and our families’ goodies from the Philippines. I got this colorful beaded stretchable bracelet which I like. I cannot wait to wear especially with a dress or a short in the summer. Ms. D thank you for a wonderful party lasts night. I am linking this entry to Crazy over Purple . Thank you Sis Bambie for hosting it. I also join this Colorful Weekend .

Bought some nail polish for my little girl

This little girl is very opposite of her Mom. I think that is it adorable that she wants her nail polish. We went to the mall and stop by at Children’s Place store. She found these sets of nail polish. She asks her Daddy to put them on her nails. It is fun to watch them having fun together. She likes her nails better now. She always washes her hands that the nail polish will not stay longer. I have the feeling that we will need a new nail polish. Oh a girl always wants to have the fun? Do you allow your little girl to have her nail polish?

Finally bought a sunglasses


My little girl broke my last sun glasses. She has her own but still she wants to use mine. I know, what a stinky girl, right? I bought this at Kohl’s last week. I really thought that it was on sale but when I check the receipt it was $30. You know me I am cheap but no regrets because that was not my money. It is from a gift card. I am so happy that finally it protects my eyes while driving. I know it is winter here in New York but there are days that you needed the sunglasses so badly. I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies too.