Bullet Designs Beautiful Crystal Teardrop Blue Zircon Earrings

Earrings are one jewelry that I love to wear aside from wedding ring. I honestly prefer to wear earrings than my wedding rings. I felt naked if I am not wearing any earrings. I am sure that many women can relate about the feeling of not wearing earrings.

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(photo not mine)
I am very picky of choosing what kind of earrings to wear. My favorite is the loops, I also love to wear earrings that tell about my birth stone. I am very honored and privileged that bulletdesigns sent me one of their beautiful earrings.

crystal tear drop bullet earrings
(photo not mine)
I picked the crystal teardrop earrings design. These beautiful earrings are available in any kid of birth stone you want. I picked the blue zircon December. My birthday is the next month. What a perfect gift to receive in advance, right? I really love the crystal teardrop in blue zircon. The crystal itself is very classy. The bullet designs inside the crystal and the blue zircon makes these earrings gorgeous. It is the perfect accessory to wear with a beautiful dress to go out to go to the church or a date with my husband.

crystal tear drop blue Zircon December earrings

You can find any jewelry you need from this Website. You name it they have it available e for you. The prices are affordable too. The shipping is very quick and secured. You will receive your package as quick as you want it. The costumer service is very friendly.

crystal tear drop blue Zircon December earrings
crystal tear drop blue Zircon December earrings
You can also check their Facebook and follow them in Twitter . I already liked their Facebook page. I am also their Twitter follower. I do not want to miss any new updates they have from their Website. Christmas is not far. You can find the perfect Christmas gifts from their Website.

I received the earrings for free. I was not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and might be different from others.

25 thoughts on “Bullet Designs Beautiful Crystal Teardrop Blue Zircon Earrings

  1. betchai

    haha, i’m so like you, i feel naked too when i do not have earrings, sometimes, in busyness, especially when i wake up late and i would be late for work, i forgot my earrings, and oh boy, that makes me feel down, haha. having learned that, i now have extra earrings in my purse just in case i forget to wear one. lovely earrings you have Jess.

  2. Ashley M

    I have seen the bullet earrings before but I have never seen them done this beautifully, with the crystal teardrop design and gem in the middle – love!

  3. Rcel

    What a lovely accessory, Momi Jess! Looks great on you! The last picture is amazing! I love it! You might want to re-take another capture like that but don’t cut the eyes and the chin. It will be really nicer, promise! 😉

    Re: Don’t feel bad on not being able to donate. I’m sure God understands all of our circumstances! 🙂

  4. Pinx

    Those earrings are pretty mommy Jess! I haven’t worn any jewelry ever since my wedding day! I am not a fan of jewelry, I guess I’m the odd one when almost all girls love these stuff, nope, not me! hehehe.. Anyway, it looks good on you!


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