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Why shopping with coupons are very important

Shopping is my favorite thing to do. It is like a time for myself where I can enjoy and look for deals. I usually shop online but sometimes in the store. I prefer shopping online. It is because I will not to leave the house and save some gas in my car. Our mall is a 45 minutes from where I live. It is a bit far. When I shop in the store, I have to make sure that I shop by myself and leave the kids in their Dad’s hands or else it is a waste of time shopping when kids are around.

Why I love to shop online? It is because of the endless deals online that I am crazy about. I have the two kids with me. They need clothing, footwear and accessories. I have the one boy who grows like a weed. I have a little girl who is following her brother’s footstep as well. They need new clothes especially for the cold season that we have now. I have to bundle them up to protect them from not getting sick.

I love to shop for myself too after I shop with the kids. I am glad that my favorite brands are the top offers with coupon codes. This will help me save money. I can even buy stuff for myself and includes my husband as well. He also needs clothes for himself. I know that he makes sure that the families’ need are taken care of first. He has no time to pamper himself. I want to shop stuff that he likes.

It is wonderful to shop online when the coupon codes cover all areas that you are looking for. It feels wonderful that you shop right in your computer. You get all the items delivered in your house. How convenient that is. What about you? Did you make your Christmas list all ready for the family this year? Why not start shopping now online and grab this chance to help you save money. You can check out the Website and am sure that you can use the coupons code that you can find here. I hope that you get what you are looking for. It is better to shop early than wait when all the items you want are all gone.

I bought my son a blazer that goes with his communion outfit

I found this blazer at Wal-Mart that goes with my son’s outfit for his first communion. The pattern matches his pants. I cannot wait to see him wear this blazer. I am sure that he will look handsome. This kid is growing up so fast that he needs new clothes on his closet. He is getting so tall too.

I am glad that Wal-Mart is just a drive away if I need clothes for my kids. They sell affordable prices. You can choose what kind of outfits you want to buy. I sometimes shop at Kohl’s or Target for my kids clothes. It really depends of what they need. I am sure Wal-Mart always saves our trip.


I cannot wait to see my son wearing this blazer. It won’t be awhile. He will have his first communion sometime this month. We already invited Grandma and Grandpa and we will have lunch at Applebee’s after the event.

What about you? Where do you shop your kids’ outfit? Do you shop at Wal-Mart too or you go to the mall? I am not into branded clothes but if my kids look good in the outfit. I will definitely buy it for them.

How girl’s night out is fun with Primp & Prep

This post brought to you by Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our groups of Filipino women are all married. Once in a while we have girl’s night out with just all the women. It is fun when we are all together having fun at the club. Our youngest Mom is in her 20’s. We have to make sure that we take care of her too. Most of us are in our 30’s. Some are in their 40’s. There is also one in her 50’s. When you see us having fun, you will never know our ages. We are having fun and that what matter most.

I am the only one who lives from them. I live in the country side. Most of them live in the city.
Preparing for myself is not easy especially I have the family to take care first. I have to make sure that I know what to wear for the night. Untitled
I know that I am not fun of wearing make-up. The Hpnotiq helps me a lot. The tips really help me on how to feel beautiful. I want to the best night out. Spending time with just the women, makes you feel happy and have the blasts even it happens once a month. Family is important. You have to make sure too that you spend time with yourself and having fun with your friends. We can share how our family is and what is new with us.
I cannot wait to spend time with my friends. It has been awhile since we have our ladies night out. It feels awesome to just let your hair down music up! and enjoys the night. Untitled-1I know that most of our women drink. I do not drink but it does not mean I will not have the fun, right? I could take one sip of champagne for the night.
What about you? Do you spend night out with your friends? Are you having problem what to wear? What make-up to apply? Please check out the Primp & Prep website.
UntitledYou will find anything you want to know to have the best night in your life. Please make sure that you must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.

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