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She really loves to wear a dress

I bought this purple dress for my summer babe last year. It is a size 12. It was on sale. I thought that my summer babe can wear this beautiful dress in four more years. I was wrong. It fits on her perfectly. I think the dress is in a wrong size.

 photo purpledress_zps95150758.jpg

We were looking for a dress in hr close to wear for the church the next day. Instead she found this purple dress. She asks me if she can wear it. I told her I am not sure if it fits on you because it is a size 12. Surprisingly it fits on her. She even pair it with the three boots that I boot on her. She even asks me to take pictures of her wearing this purple dress. She loves picture-taking. She always give me the sweetest and her happy smiles.

 photo purpledressA_zpsa9e3616f.jpg

She wears this dress to church that week, I put a black blazer to cover her arms. It is very cold. She also wears a winter coat to go with this dress. She is perfectly warm and enjoy her new dress at church.

Where to buy fashion dresses for the holiday

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving Day with your family or friends this year? Are you invited for a party? Are you looking for fashion dresses to wear for the said party? My husband is working during Thanksgiving Day. He gets double pay because it is a holiday. I am not sure if one of my sister-in-law will host the Thanksgiving dinner this year? I still need to know if she will invite us or not.


photo grabbed from their Website

photo grabbed from their Website

I know that our Filipino group will have a Christmas party. I already received the invitation through Facebook. My kids and I attended that Christmas party last year. We all had a blast despite I got lost on the way home.

I found this red dress here. I really love the style. The price is very affordable too. I will buy it now while it is on sale. You can find any fashion clothing and accessories in this Website. Why not check out for yourself? I am sure that like me, you will find the perfect outfit that suits your style and personality.

How to dress warm during the winter

I am glad that my summer babe goes to Sunday school now. She is eight years old. I know that soon she will receive her first communion. I hope next year. We started to go back to church. It has been few weeks now.

 photo sweaterdress_zps092cf93a.jpg

It is bone chilling cold in New Year. It is still autumn yet it feels like winter already. We have to dress warm when we go to church. I love to wear dress especially going to church. One way to keep me warm while hearing mass is wearing this sweater dress. I want to buy more sweater dress. This is the only long sleeve sweater dress I have. Some of my sweater dress has a short sleeve.

 photo sweaterdressA_zps67a2a6b9.jpg

My summer babe took pictures of me after hearing church couple weeks ago. She is my little photographer. She took many pictures. These are some of my favorite shots of myself.