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I loved my new summer dress and shoes

It was two days ago when my family drove to Rochester for my dual citizenship and report of birth of my daughter at the outreach held by the Philippine Consulate General in New York. It was worth the wait than going to New York City.

Bought this dress and shoes at TJ Maxx

Bought this dress and shoes at TJ Maxx

I know that I need new summer dress to wear when we went to the outreach. Thank you to TJ Maxx, this store is always my answer. It took me six dresses to try before I found the one I wanted. I picked this summer dress. It was on sale for $19.99.

Bought this dress and shoes at TJ Maxx

Bought this dress and shoes at TJ Maxx

I love the color and how simple but sexy the dress is. I love that the color suits my skin complexion especially now that I am so much darker from the sun. I also look for shoes to match the dress. I am looking for a sandal. I found this right away at the clearance section. The price is one cent different from the dress.

Bought this dress and shoes at TJ Maxx

Bought this dress and shoes at TJ Maxx

I also have a $10 coupon that I could use with my purchase. I paid $30 something or the dress and the shoes. My husband likes the dress and especially from my back. He loves how my tush form. He is just a typical man who admire the tush.

6 Creative Ideas for DIY Party Décor

The echoing of rich laughter fills the house. Everywhere you look you see smiling faces. Drinks are flowing freely and people are eating with gusto. These are the hallmarks of a party going well. And one of the factors that contributes to the overall success of a party is, of course, the décor.

Ensuring your party’s décor inspires happiness doesn’t have to be an expensive affair though. In fact, you can handle it yourself with a few clever ideas and crafty decorations. Here are some suggestions to inspire your DIY party décor.

 photo pirate_zpsj7xm2ahz.jpg

1. Pirate Ship

Hoist a ladder in the middle of the room and hang a black bedsheet from it. If you’re artsy enough, paint a white skull and crossbones onto it a few days before the party. Of course, a swashbuckling décor is incomplete without the pirates themselves, so make sure to put together some appropriate outfits or simply hire a couple of pirate costumes from a shop like Disguises . No friends are allowed at this party though – only mateys!

2. Winter Wonderland

Decorating for a winter theme is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t require you to purchase much at all. Cut your white napkins into snowflake patterns. Sprinkle white glitter or confetti onto any viable surfaces. And serve plenty of white-coloured food and beverage options – who can say no to a white hot chocolate with whipped cream and a couple of marshmallows floating on top?

3. Disco Fever

The late ‘70s and early ‘80s can effectively be summarised by one item: the disco ball. Create your own reflective sphere to dance under by cutting up some blank (or unloved) CDs and gluing the shards around a Styrofoam ball. Just make sure you don’t use Blondie’s Greatest Hits – you’ll be needing that for the party.

4. Enchanted Forest

Take to the backyard or neighbourhood park with some fairy lights and/or lanterns (you could make these yourself with some cardboard and candle holders). If any garden gnomes reside in your garden, reposition them into more prominent positions. When creating decorations, white, pink and purple are the colours to lean towards.

5. Murder Mystery

Got a mean creative streak? Create a murder mystery for your guests to try and solve throughout the party. Write a character for each of your invited guests and make sure they stick to the script. The décor for a murder mystery party is as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be – after all, you’re the one setting the scene. Preparing the house might just involve rearranging some furniture or homewares to create some cryptic clues!

6. Craft Workshop

Why not turn your fun get-together into a craft workshop? Get some artsy gear ready and create a couple of work stations. You might be surprised by how much fun you and your friends can have while pushing your creativity to the limits. Papier Mache, origami, painting, clay sculpting… it’s all fair game for a craft party!

Getting your place party-ready can cost you virtually nothing if you have a creative spirit and some time to spare. Put your thinking cap on and get your artistic vibes flowing – your party décor will be a smash hit.

My summer babe’s bracelet birthday gift

In about two months, my summer babe will celebrate her 9th birthday. She is getting so big. I cannot believe she will turn 9 already. How did that happened? We will watch Meghan Trainor in concert as one of her birthday gift. We both are very excited about it.

My summer babe's new bracelet

My summer babe’s new bracelet

I went to TJ Maxx . I found this bracelet that has K initial on it which symbolizes her first name. It does not cost a lot, It is on $9.99. I love this bracelet. I will give it to her on her 9th birthday. I hope that she will like her birthday presents.