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Baby Aspirin will prevent you from having heart attack

I was watching Dr. Oz show on TV yesterday. The show features about quick fix for healthy you. I learned that Baby Aspirin will prevent you from having heart attack. I know one of my friends told me about this. I did not believe her at first. Now that I saw it from Dr. Oz show, I will start taking the medicine. Recently my Mom has a heart problem. It worries me because I am half around the world far from her. I will buy her many bottles of Baby Aspirin and will include it in my box that I will send her soon. My father-in-law also takes Baby Aspirin for along time now. What about you, do you take Baby Aspirin? My husband also takes Aspirin but not the Baby Aspirin.

Shoes that woman loves to wear

Every woman loves to wear shoes. One of my favorite to wear is by Jessica Simpson shoes. Even my little girl is a little fashion diva already. She has more shoes than Mommy. I love all kind of shoes. I love formal and sexy shoes like high heels. Growing up I am not used to wear them because of my height. Most of my cousins and classmates are shorter. I love to look at them but I have a pair of myself.

I love music and love to sing a lot. One of my favorite singers are Jessica Simpson. I am happy that she opens a shoe line named after her. I like her not because we have the same name but she has a great voice. I even watch her reality show on TV.

Are you a fan of Jessica Simpson? You check out her sexy shoes collections? I am sure on of the designs fit your lifestyle. This is a great way to support our favorite singer too. We can both enjoy singing and feel sexy too. Is that a great idea? What do you think Jessica Simpson fans in the world?

Won a purple hair extension at Chuck E Cheese

I drove my kids to Chuck E Cheese yesterday. They both have the fun. They only got 47 tickets all together. My little girl lined up to the counter to exchange for a prize. She picked the purple hair extension. She looks neat in her hair extension. At a young age, I know that she is a little fashion diva. It is opposite with her Mommy. Does your girl likes hair extension?