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Redeemed my Victoria’s Secret reward

I got a $10 reward from Victoria’s Secret in the mail. It will expire until the 31st of December. I redeemed it yesterday.

 photo Victorias Secret reward card_zps7vn8funy.jpg

I want to get the free sling bag for my daughter. You will get it free if you spend $50 from any Pink products. What did I bought? I bought two bras. It is $25 each. I also bought the panties for 5 for $27. I had a wonderful time shopping by myself. It was also my last day off from work. My Summer Babe was so happy for the sling bag. Good thing I change the color from black to blue as it matches her backpack.

 photo shopping at Victorias Secret_zpsdv8ppnub.jpg

How about you? Do you shop at Victoria’s Secret? What do you usually buy when you are in the store?

Methods Of Getting A Tissue Sample

If you suspect that there is something wrong with your health or if the doctor detects an abnormality in the body, then a biopsy might be ordered. This is when tissue samples are taken of the area in question and sent to a lab to be examined. The results will give the doctor a better idea as to what might be wrong and what treatment options are available. Sometimes, nothing is really wrong, but there could be abnormal cells that need to be monitored that could develop in the future.

Most biopsies are done to look for cancer. Samples can be taken from almost anywhere in the body. Mammograms can show a mass in the breast, a mole that is an odd shape or color can indicate skin cancer, and someone who has frequent bouts with hepatitis might have cirrhosis. If any of thee conditions are suspected, then the doctor will likely order a biopsy.

There are a few different ways that a biopsy can be completed. One is with a needle. A long needle is used to remove a small tissue sample from the area. This is the least invasive procedure and doesn’t leave behind a scar. If there is an area that the doctor can’t reach, then you might lay in a CT machine so that the doctor can see inside the body to get a better view of the area that is biopsied. Another option similar to this method is an ultrasound-guided biopsy. An ultrasound of the area is performed at the same time the sample is removed.

Bone biopsies are done to look for cancer. If the doctor suspects bone marrow cancer, then a needle is placed in the marrow at the pelvis to remove a small amount to have tested. With a liver and kidney biopsy, a needle is inserted through the abdomen to the organ to remove a small tissue sample. If a needle can’t get enough of the tissue, then a surgical biopsy might be needed. The doctor could perform an open surgery or a laparoscopy. A small piece of the tissue is often removed in this situation so that the doctor can get a better look at the area of the body.

Nike shoes for my kids footwear to school

My son likes to wear name brands clothes or shoes. The little sister is imitating her big brother too in some ways. Anyway, I bought my kids Nike shoes s their school shoes. I bought their shoes at Shoe Department. This store sells name brands shoes that you can ever imagine. My kids go crazy especially my son if I bring him to this shoes store.

 photo Nike shoes for school_zpspamvvned.jpg

I ask them to pick shoes that they want to wear for the school opening. They bought picked Nike brand. The little sister cost a little more than her big brother. I bought it with my pay check as one of my treat for them. I know it will take me three days worth of work but I do not care. If it makes my kids happy and can afford it. Why not, right?

Both of them were very appreciative which is very sweet. They were enjoying their new school shoes. I hope this shoes will last until June of next year.