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Nike shoes for my kids footwear to school

My son likes to wear name brands clothes or shoes. The little sister is imitating her big brother too in some ways. Anyway, I bought my kids Nike shoes s their school shoes. I bought their shoes at Shoe Department. This store sells name brands shoes that you can ever imagine. My kids go crazy especially my son if I bring him to this shoes store.

 photo Nike shoes for school_zpspamvvned.jpg

I ask them to pick shoes that they want to wear for the school opening. They bought picked Nike brand. The little sister cost a little more than her big brother. I bought it with my pay check as one of my treat for them. I know it will take me three days worth of work but I do not care. If it makes my kids happy and can afford it. Why not, right?

Both of them were very appreciative which is very sweet. They were enjoying their new school shoes. I hope this shoes will last until June of next year.

My Pink Nike sandals


I order this at Kohl’s store online. I used the gift card that I received in the mail. The original price is $32 but it was on sale for $29.99 but I paid mine for $19.99 as I have 20% off coupon. What I love about it is? Aside from the brand Nike, it fees so soft in your feet. The comfort it gives to your feet are really great. I pick the pink color as it is one of my favorite. I cannot wait to wear it in our upcoming trip. Do you like to wear sandals too? What is your favorite color? You should check out the online store. They are still having the sale. Savings are awesome.