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Where to shop for your supplies

Are you in hurry to your fashion show meeting? Do you have all the supplies before attending to the fashion show meeting? There are times that we run of stock for our fashion show. We were so busy that you did not check the list for supplies for office are not complete. It is easy to order here. They even have the free shipping on your first order. You can also sign up for emails too for coupons. You can also check the local stores near your fashion show. You never know it is only a walking distance. I hope your find all your supplies from this Website. They have affordable prices too.


K’s first hair cut

My son was exactly 12 months and four days old when he had his first hair cut here. This picture brings back memories. Why does he grow up so fast? He was born full of black hair. He stills has black hair. I guess he takes it from his Mommy. He was fussy here and even tries to give him yellow ducky toy for him to play. Do you remember your kids’ first hair cut? Where did you? Did you cut it by yourself? I am linking this entry to Me & My Passion 18th day of Blog Photo Challenge.

Amazing deals at Nomorerack

Every woman loves fashion and that includes me. I love to find deals online. I want to save money while shopping online. There are many fashion Websites online but as a shopper we have to be more careful. I am afraid to shop sometimes because of scam. They try to use nomorerack scam to hack your file. Many scammers attempt but never succeeded in my account. Thank you GOD for that.

I heard about Nomorerack Website from one of my journal friends. I check the Website and found their deals amazing. I finally join the million fans of Nomorerack. I also read their nomorerack reviews and so happy to know that most of the customers are happy with their purchase. I cannot wait to order clothing and accessories as I am planning to travel in the Philippines sometime this year.

For all the shopaholics like me, please check out Nomorerack and see for yourself how much money you save compare to the mall. Have the fun shopping and enjoy your savings too.