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Our bowling shoes


The family went bowling last weekend for the first time. I have a coupon that I got from my son’s party that he attended last year. I think I save money than paying it individually. These are the shoes that the family wears when we played bowling. The sizes are size ten for husband, size seven for my, size three for my son and size 12 for my daughter. Aren’t we look fashionable on our bowling shoes? They are so comfy to wear too. It does not skid on the floor. It makes me smile that I get to wear this bowling shoes when you play bowling only.

Mossy Oak hat for his little girl


The Daddy bought this mossy oak hat for his little girl today. He went to Wal-Mart store. He loves hunting and he wishes that his little girl can go hunt with her someday. The little girl loves outdoor too. Who knows if she will turn to a hunter just like her Daddy? The hat is perfect for her. There is an embroidered MOSSY OAK GIRL on the front. This little girl likes to wear hat too. It is perfect to wear as today is very warm. What do you think of the future hunter? Does she look adorable in her new hat? Do you like to wear hat too?



Post contributed by Fletcher Vargas

While I was scanning my daily to do list , I knew that in order to get outside on this gorgeous spring afternoon was going to require some planning on my part. I had to get the kids situated with their favorite “pacifiers” right after school and I needed to have a dinner decision ready to go. I hopped online at and took a quick glance at the line up for the kids, then I rummaged through the pantry looking for quick and easy sides to go with my leftover roasted chicken. I quickly put the laundry away and even found a few minutes to straighten my son’s collection of jeans and shorts. With everything in place and everyone happy, I headed out the back door and I was gone to garden.. Out to the back deck to transplant some flowers and sew some herbs. The kitchen overlooks the back deck the view is about to improve tremendously. I had been so anxious to get things growing and blooming that I was fully convinced I had spring fever.