Post contributed by Fletcher Vargas

While I was scanning my daily to do list , I knew that in order to get outside on this gorgeous spring afternoon was going to require some planning on my part. I had to get the kids situated with their favorite “pacifiers” right after school and I needed to have a dinner decision ready to go. I hopped online at and took a quick glance at the line up for the kids, then I rummaged through the pantry looking for quick and easy sides to go with my leftover roasted chicken. I quickly put the laundry away and even found a few minutes to straighten my son’s collection of jeans and shorts. With everything in place and everyone happy, I headed out the back door and I was gone to garden.. Out to the back deck to transplant some flowers and sew some herbs. The kitchen overlooks the back deck the view is about to improve tremendously. I had been so anxious to get things growing and blooming that I was fully convinced I had spring fever.

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