Where to buy fashionable designer eyeglasses at affordable prices

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I will turn 40 years old on December of this year. I noticed that my eyes start to bother me. I guess as you grow older your eyes sight  are not as clear as when you are younger. Every time I go shopping at the mall, I always stop by at the eyeglasses section. I admire how beautiful the display of eyeglasses are
My eldest sister wear eyeglasses too. I do not know how old was she when she first wear an eyeglasses.  She loves to wear Designer Eyeglasses. She looks good wearing it too. I wonder if she wears one of Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses. I really like this brand of eyeglasses. I thought that the eyeglasses are very expensive. Fortunately this eyeglass are affordable. I also love the styles especially the round ones. They are all beautiful eyeglasses. How I wish that I can buy the colors fuchsia, white, brown and black. I know the prices are affordable and that you want to buy them all.
How about you? Do you wear eyeglasses? Are you looking for affordable and durable eyeglasses than what you are wearing now? Why not check out this eyeglass from this Website? You will be surprise of the beautiful designs for both men and  women to pick aside from the prices are very affordable. Nothing beats the design and the cost of this eyeglass from other Website.  Eyeglasses are best gift for father’ day too. I am planning of buying one for my husband as well. He really needed a new eyeglasses.
Coastal.com is the best Website to buy to buy for eyeglasses for special occasion. The best part is for every pair of glasses purchased from this Website. Coastal.com donates another pair to someone in need. How cool is that?

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17 thoughts on “Where to buy fashionable designer eyeglasses at affordable prices

  1. SheyLuvz

    I love the round one. these are nice eyeglasses mami jess. kadaghan ba nimu ug eyeglasses and they all look nice. good for fashion and reading.

  2. jheylo

    Those are indeed fashionable. Well, lucky you mami Jess because you’re nearly in your 40’s but still not wearing Rx glasses, I’ve been wearing Rx. glasses for over 10 years now and each year it gets worse.

  3. jheylo

    I love that last 2 frames in the middle picture. Those are the type of frames I normally order when I go to get my eye glasses upgraded.

  4. Joy Hardy

    I’ve heard about Coastal.com before because a friend of mine recommend it to me when I was looking for a cheap prescription eyeglasses. I really like their selection of eyeglasses and it’s affordable too. However, I don’t like wearing one, maybe, I’m not used to it. I always prefer wearing contact lenses instead.

  5. SheyLuvz

    I like their selection of eyeglasses. The shape, color and designs are different from other eyeglasses. good to wear for fashion and eye health protection

  6. Rcel

    Those glasses look really stylish and beautiful, Momi Jess! I will have to check out the site and see if I can find one that fits me. I am on a prescription eyeglasses and it is a pain in the pocket paying over $200 everytime I get a new one.

  7. Dhemz

    you don’t look like your almost 40 mamijess…I thought you’re on your early 30s!..how impressive that you’re not wearing glasses. I started wearing one when I was in high school..reading glasses lang pod nuon…and up to now I do still wear reading glasses.

  8. Bless

    Coastal have wide selection of designer eyeglasses. I like what they have. I hope I don’t have to wear these anytime soon, but if ever, I like the design of those in the middle.

  9. emzkie

    those glasses are really cute. i like the 1st black one. i had been using eye glasses since 3rd year HS, now I cant drive without it.


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