Will race for the two wonderful Mothers through Spartan race

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Yesterday was Woman Worlds Day and I would love to thank the two wonderful mothers in the world. I want to say thank you to my Mom for raising me up to what I am now. I would like to say thank you to my Aunt who just passed away almost two months ago. I would like to try the Spartan Race and dedicated for the two of them. These two women are the most important women in my life. I will add also my eldest sister as my inspiration for joining this race. She is such a courageous woman to fight for a deadly breast cancer. She is one lucky survivor in the world.
This race I dedicated for all the love, guidance and the struggle these women impact into my life. I would race for the domestic abuse women too, hope that one day they will fight for their rights. Nobody deserves a treatment like that. I will race for my little girl too. I hope that she will grow up as respectful and have a better future. Lastly, this race I dedicate to all my lovely friends here especially over the internet. I did not meet them yet but helps me a lot. I have never join the race before that is why this is very special.
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