Walgreens protecting their valuable customers on top

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Do you know that Walgreens and Express Script are not connected anymore? Express Scripts Program removed their connection from Walgreens. Every patient of Walgreens is affected with this dispute. These are not good to all the Walgreens customers. Most of Walgreens customer will drive far just to get their medicines. While Walgreens pharmacy open 24/7 everyday. It is very inconvenient for all the Walgreens customers. This is not fair to them. With the dispute, Walgreens connection to Express Scripts Program already expired. Despite of it, Walgreens Prescription Savings Club is available to all Walgreens customers. This saves them money because of the coupons and savings they use. All you do is to pay $10 a year and it covers your spouse and your dependents. It also covers your pets too. They also need medicine just like us. Also you can pay $5 for individuals that want to join the savings club. I will join too for my families’ safety. Their health is very important for me too. By joining the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club , it covers flu shots and other important medicines to keep our kids healthy. Do you have a social network? I am asking you to please follow Walgreens on Twitter and also Walgreens on Facebook to show our support to them. Walgreens pharmacy sells affordable medicines and other important stuff that we use in our home. Please let us show our support to Walgreens.

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