The Ultimate Chinos? (High Quality-Unique Content)

The Ultimate Chinos?

Chinos possibly come second only to jeans when it comes to the most popular style of trousers for men. That’s because they are functional, stylish and easy to maintain. You can wear them for casual weekends or smarter occasions and mix and match them with a range of tops, shirts and jackets. So, what would make the ultimate pair of chinos?

For some, it’s the fabric. Ideally, chinos should be made from 100% cotton, giving the trousers the light-weight feel that so many men like, along with comfort next to the skin and a great look that doesn’t fade over time. Chinos that are made from fabric blends often lack the good looks of 100% cotton and just don’t feel the same.

After the fabric, it has to be the design. You don’t want to wear womens chinos that look like they’ve been thrown together with no thought. In fact, you want sleekly tailored trousers that are flattering to wear, but take your comfort into consideration. For that reason, as well as great tailoring, you’ll also want a comfortable waistband – perhaps even with an adjustable tab inside so that you can get exactly the right fit – classic pocket designs, and great detailing when it comes to buttons and zips, belt-loops and branding and goes well with polo shirts.

Then you need to think about the practical aspects that make chinos such great trousers to wear – and particularly good for travelling. Chino fabric can be treated to make it resistant to stains, water and other things that might spoil your look. The ultimate chinos would have some sort of treatment so that you are confident about wearing them again and again. It’s also important that they wash well and retain their tailored look without too much hassle, so designs that incorporate permanent creases and clear care advice are also useful.

And you may think all this has to come with a hefty price tag, but because chinos are so popular, manufacturers and retailers can afford to give you the ultimate chino for a lot less than you think. You don’t have to pay designer label prices to get really good quality clothing. In fact, from some high street and online retailers, a great pair of chinos can cost less than £30, giving you outstanding value for money, and even the opportunity to buy more than one pair so that you never have to go without. No that’s ultimate value.

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  1. emzkie

    i was not sure what is Chinos. I thought its a brand name. I guess its a kind of fabric like the camiso chinos in Phil. =D. If that is what it is, then its very comfy indeed. =)


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