The most comfortable bra you can wear is from Coobie

Wearing a bra is very important. You want to keep your twin girls safe and protected. I always wear a bra even if I am in the house. The only times I do not wear bra is when I go to bed.

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Buying the perfect bra that fits you is very important. Comfort also plays one important factor when buying a bra. Do you know that you can buy comfortable at Coobie ? It is the most comfortable bra that I ever wear. I am privileged that I got the chance to try one of Coobie Bra v-neck in full size. I had the plum color. Just like regular bra, this has an adjustable straps for perfect fitting. I also LOVED the lace design in the front. You can also buy different kind of bras in their Website. They also sell panties and accessories as well. I had three bras from them. I wear them all the time. You can also wear their bra when you work out. It feels so soft and easy to wash.

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My summer babe also got the chance to try their headband called VIOLET LOVE. This girl of mine wants a long hair but does not know how to take care of her hair. The headband will keep her face free from any hair that cover. She has a small but beautiful face that she covers. She also told me that from now on, she will wear this headband. She said that she can wear for the last day of school tomorrow.

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Coobie bra’s and their other products can make a great gift for yourself or for someone you loved that is choosy and wants the best bra to wear.

By the way to learn more about Coobie products, please check out their Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram pages.


I received the bra and headband for review purposes and for being a member of US Family Guide . I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

19 thoughts on “The most comfortable bra you can wear is from Coobie

  1. R U S S

    It’s important to find a brand that you’d be comfortable with. I’m glad that you find Coobie comfortable that you can wear it even when you’re at home.

  2. Eileen

    It is difficult to find a bra that is comfy and really fits. Women are built differently and sometimes, standardized bras do not provide the support we need. I’ll check Coobie out. Thanks for the review.


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