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My new Tommy Hilfiger black purse

Unfortunately, my summer babe ruined my black purse. I ended up having a green purse. I need a new purse. I always like a black purse.

my new Tommy Hilfiger black small purse

my new Tommy Hilfiger black small purse

I went to TJ Maxx to returned my husband’s shorts that does not fit on him. It was one of his birthday gifts. After returning the shorts, I shop around. I went to the bag section and look around. I found this Tommy Hilfiger black purse. I love small purse. I am so happy that it is on sale for $16. The original price is $19. I think it is a big deal for me. I grabbed the Tommy Hilfiger purse. I am so happy finally I have two purses. I do have big purses too. I prefer small purses the most.

How about you? Do you prefer a small or big purses?

New summer outfits for my summer babe

My summer babe is complaining that her shorts are getting small on her. The weather has been warm for the past weeks except this week where it is back to being cold. She outgrown her summer outfits last year. She needs new summer outfits. She said she needs short shopping.

New summer outfits for my summer babe from TJ Maxx

New summer outfits for my summer babe from TJ Maxx

My hubby said that we are short of money. I told him that I will roll the coins. I will deposit it to the bank and used money. I went to TJ Maxx after rolling the coins. I spent all the money to buy my kids summer outfits. I bought my summer babe shorts, tanks, skirts and undies. She is very thankful and very happy.

She loves this crochet shirt

I brought my kids to TJ Maxx after my son had a haircut. The store is only one close door distance from the saloon. This is my first time for my kids to visit their store. I have been in the store twice now.

 photo crochet shirt_zpsqqofbojj.jpg

I love the store. They sell designer clothes that are affordable in prizes. They also sell famous brand that cost a fortune. They sell clothes, shoes, home and others. I went to the girls section. My little girl found this crochet shirt in size 7/8.

We tried it in the fitting room. It fits her really well. I told her that she will not wear next year. I think we should get a bigger size. Unfortunately, there is no same shirt that is in the clearance section. We bought this shirt instead. It cost $10 and the little girl is very happy. She starts to have her own fashion style already. She is only eight years old.