My new Tommy Hilfiger black purse

Unfortunately, my summer babe ruined my black purse. I ended up having a green purse. I need a new purse. I always like a black purse.

my new Tommy Hilfiger black small purse

my new Tommy Hilfiger black small purse

I went to TJ Maxx to returned my husband’s shorts that does not fit on him. It was one of his birthday gifts. After returning the shorts, I shop around. I went to the bag section and look around. I found this Tommy Hilfiger black purse. I love small purse. I am so happy that it is on sale for $16. The original price is $19. I think it is a big deal for me. I grabbed the Tommy Hilfiger purse. I am so happy finally I have two purses. I do have big purses too. I prefer small purses the most.

How about you? Do you prefer a small or big purses?

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