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Playing with Mommy’s lipstick

She was two months shy of three years old in this picture. What a silly girl for snatching Mommy’s lipstick. I guess the little girl need to retouch. She stills does not have her own lipstick though she is five years old now. I just do not want her to expose cosmetics at a young age. What about you? Do you allow putting lipstick or any make-up on your little girl? I want her to have a natural beauty whiles she is very young. Time will come that she is ready to use cosmetics. I am linking this entry to Me & My Passion #15 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

VS Make-up Kit

We went to the mall yesterday. It happened that I have a coupon of $10 off if you use your Angel card. I also bought seven under wears for $26 as they have a sale. I paid $18 for the make-up kit because it has 40% off. I paid $36 all together. I will pay off the entire amount when I get the bill. The makeup kit includes 55 must-haves for eyes, lips and face.

The kit includes:

30 Eye Shadows
5 Lip Glosses
5 Lipsticks
4 Blushes
1 Luminous Powder
1 Translucent Powder
1 Bronzer
1 Mascara
1 Lip Liner
2 Eye Applicators
2 Lip Brushes
1 Face Brush

It is also sale $32 in the Website. Luckily, it is cheaper in the store. I will play with this make up. I really do not like to wear makeup.

I still need to learn how to apply the cosmetics

I grew up in a conservative family. I have the three sisters with me. The girls have different skin complexions. My two sisters have a fair complexion whiles I and my oldest sister has a dark-skinned. They say having a dark skin is beautiful. I think I believe it too.

Beauty comes in the eye of the beholder. I know I am beautiful in my own way. My husband likes it when I use cosmetics on my face. He said that I look beautiful. I know I am trying to learn how to use it. I spent many times looking myself in the mirror when I put some make-up on my face. It is hard to look at yourself differently with the make-up. I love to wear lipstick and that is about it. I have the collection but I do not use it. I should use it more often especially holidays are coming. My friends are having parties and I should learn how to make myself more beautiful.

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