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Knotty Girl brush will let you say good-bye to tangles and hello shiny hair

I am glad that my little girl keep her hair longer this time. She used to have a short hair until last year. I love her long brown hair. My only problem is, she does not like to brush her hair especially waking up. Sometimes her hair looks like a bird nest until recently She does not want me to brush her hair. She said it hurts when I brush her hair.

 photo coolwayhair_zps0f380569.jpg

I do not like to see her hair so messy especially going to school. I am glad that Cool way hair sent me their Knotty Girl brush . I received mine in blue color hair brush. I try it right away on my little girl’s hair. I cannot believe that she let me brush her hair without whining.

 photo coolwayhairA_zps20992e6a.jpg

The Knotty Girl brush really works. It makes her hair so soft. I do not hear her crying or whining. I feel very happy that finally I can see her smile after brushing her hair. She even brush my hair so as her Daddy. We love this Knotty Girl brush.

 photo coolwayhairB_zps4efb46a6.jpg

Why not Knotty Girl brush really works? It looks like any regular little girl’s brush. The special thing that is special about it is, the bristles. The bristles bend when there is a knot on the hair. The more you brush the hair the more the knot loosens and leaves your hair so smooth. Knotty Girl brush guarantees 100% no more knots, no pulling and no breakage. It leaves your hair on your head, not on the brush. There is no more fear of brushing your hair. It works on all hair types. It is perfect for women and men. It is best for wet or dry hair.

 photo coolwayhairD_zps1c281a56.jpg
 photo coolwayhairC_zps661b1cad.jpg

I recommended this product to everyone. The Knotty Girl brush cost $9.95. By the way, use the coupon code mycoolway27 to receive 10% off your order. This would make a perfect gift or addition to any girl’s accessories. By the way, you can like their Facebook , follow them in Twitter , check out their You Tube videos, follow them in Pinterest and Instagram as well.

I received the brush for free. I am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with others.

My little girl’s orange Ariel hair brush


Every Princess needs a hair brush to keep that hair shiny, right? This is my little girl’s orange Ariel hair brush. I bought this on Target and it was not expensive. I think I paid $2 maybe or $3, am not sure. I really like this hair brush because it works on her thin hair. She likes to brush her hair by herself. I help her when she gets ready to school. Ariel is one of her favorite Princess too. Does your little girl likes to brush their hair too? How I wish that her stays longer. I am linking this entry to Orange Tuesdays.