Sungrubbies Boys Crimson short sleeve and swim trunk set review

Spring is almost here. It is almost time to take out all the spring and summer outfits for my kids. They are very excited as well because in about two months, we will open our pool. It means swimming time is here.


I have to make sure that my kids have new swim suit for the summer especially my son. He is the one who needs new outfits like the swim suit. I am thankful to Sungrubbies for sending me a set of swim wear for my son. He was very happy when I showed him his new swim wear.


He received a set of swimwear from South Swell sun protective swim suit . I picked the Crimson style for him. It is gray and white color. It has a short sleeve and swim trunk. It has pictures of squid and other sea creatures on the side of the shirt.


The swim trunk has an elastic waist and has a string tie for perfect fit. It has the same pattern of the shirt as well and same color. It has also a cute turtle on the left lower side of the leg opening. It has 50 UPF for excellent sun protection. I know that my son is protected while swimming in the pool for a period of time. The material is so soft which is perfect for my son’s sensitive skin.

How about you? Are you looking for a new swim wear for your kids? Why not check out this Website for beautiful designs of swim wear for boys and girls. They also have accessories like hat that matches with their swimsuit. You can also check their Facebook page for updates.

I received this swim wear products free of charge. I do not received any compensation but instead exchange of my honest thoughts and opinions.

15 thoughts on “Sungrubbies Boys Crimson short sleeve and swim trunk set review

  1. mhie@smarlk

    I’m just happy my daughter doesn’t need any new swim wear this year. I bought one last year and she can still use one of it. Your son looks good in his swimwear.

  2. cheerful

    that’s cool, it looks great on your boy…handsome young looking man. we love our place because of the small swimming pool, lucky! just last weekend, we just bought some swimwear and stuff that’s on sale, and we are excited to go to the beach too on easter, its so hot here on our side.

  3. betchai

    i love the design you chose for your son, and he is so good looking, and the swim wear looks good on him, I look at the SPF of the material too, whenever I buy swim wear since it helps a lot.

  4. Rovie

    The color and design is just right for him and so with the size. I am sure Kuya is so excited to go swimming with his cool swimming trunks 🙂

  5. Lainy

    Your handsome young man just grew so tall, Mommy. And he looks really great sporting that swimwear. I am sure he can’t wait to have a good dive at your new pool very soon. Please post up photos of them later 🙂

  6. kulasa

    what an awesome swimming suit, specially that it protects the kids from the sun’s harmful effects..I think I won’t be able to find something like it in the stores here….awesome for you to have shared where you got your son’s wonderful swimwear! ..will check out the site in a little while! I have to add, you kiddo has the sweetest smile! 🙂

  7. MC Calunsod

    YOu have a wonderful and gorgeous kids MOmmy Jess and surely he is happy having that new swim wear 🙂 I hope we also have a swimming pool but gosh! with this place that’s like a dust bowl, it’s the turning factor to just forget about having one:) But yeah, summer is almost here I sure both your kids will be spending lots of time in your pool:)


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