Redeemed my free Victoria’s Secret coupon

I got this free coupon of Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s lace underwear in red color.

Photobucket It is perfect indeed for Valentines Day. I can wear it too any time I want not only in Valentines Day.

Photobucket I redeemed it when the family went to the mall last Saturday.

Photobucket It is valued at $12.50. I know Victoria’s Secret underwear is very expensive. I got mine for free or it cost nothing at all not even a penny. I love that it is red in color. It is my favorite color. I love that it is lace too. It is perfect for my very sensitive skin. I like that it is thong as well. It is perfect to get naughty and feel sexy with my husband.

What about you? Did you get a freebie recently? I am linking this entry to Wednesday White and Ruby Tuesday .

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