Problem with varicose veins

I used to be a member of the basketball team at my school. Practice was
very strenuous, especially if we had an upcoming match with another
school. Running exhausted me, and when we were done with our practice, I
would go directly to the bathroom to reawaken myself. It was here that a
team mate pointed out the varicose veins on the back of my knee. These
veins, caused by my playing basketball were not only unattractive, but a
bit painful and eventually caused me to quit playing.

As I was browsing the internet to find ways in which to treat varicose
veins, I came across some varicose veins causes. I think it is important
to not only understand treatment options, but how to take preventative
measures from getting varicose veins in the first place. This, of
course, applies to all medical conditions. And hey, it never hurts to
read up on something you don’t already know about and learn something
new! Registered & Protected

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