Penn Life

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

Moving to Pennsylvania was a great way for me to stretch my dollar since I’d been living in Manhattan for so long. I’d saved up what turned out to be a pretty penny and when I started looking for a farm I realized I could actually get more for my money than I thought I could – all those years of living in the city had skewed my view of how much things cost! Anyway, I’m now a fulltime farmer which is just the weirdest thing ever and I’m loving every minute of it. There’s something wonderful about working with the land and using my hands so much but I don’t have to sacrifice any of the conveniences of modern living. I’ve got my wireless internet Reading and my cable set up and all kinds of trips into town and of course I go back into NYC from time to time to see a show or to visit friends which keeps me feeling connected. I love this slower pace of life and I know it’s good for my health, too. I’ve lost about 20 pounds and I feel much healthier not being so stressed all the dang time like I was!

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