My Triple Barrel Waving iron review

I have long and straight hair. I love it that way. I know that my husband wants me to have a short hair. My hair grows faster that going to the saloon for a haircut cost money. I usually put it in a pony tail all the time. I do like to try my hair with different style. I used to have a perm hair but takes responsibility to keep up that hair style. Taking care of the family takes times and worst taking care of your hair.

 photo flatiron.jpg

I am very thankful that flat iron experts give me an opportunity to try this Isinis Triple Barrel Waving iron . They also sent me a sample of macadamia natural oil rejunivating shampoo which makes my hair shine. My hair really needed that kind of shampoo. They also sent me a thermal shine spray that helps my hair protected while using the flat iron.

 photo before-1.jpg

I love their products especially the barrel waving iron. It is very easy to use. You plug it to the wall. There is a turn on and off button to keep the flat iron hot. There is also a knob that you can control the heat of the barrel waving iron. It does not hurt your hair when you use it. The main thing is very safe to the scalp.

 photo after.jpg

 photo wavyhair2.jpg
Are you looking for flat iron? This Website offers beautiful products that will help you achieve different beautiful hair style at affordable prices. They ship your products fast too. You can find more information here.

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I received these beautiful products without compensation in exchange of my honest review. All my thoughts and opinions are honestly 100% mine and based on my experience.

My little girl’s manicure tool

This is my little girl’s manicure tool that the manicurist use in her nails. I really like it. What a cute way to track their names and to keep them safe and healthy as well. This is her first time to have her nails done at the saloon. I am very thankful that one of her classmate’s invited her for her birthday.

 photo manicuretools.jpg

There is white plate underneath the table napkin. There is her name written to show her identity. There is also a stick that I do not what is the use of it. There is a nail file and that orange foam. This is one birthday party that she loves. She likes her nails done.

I ask the receptionist about the price. She said that it cost $25 per child and have a minimum of six to have this kind of treatment. The $25 comes with a pedicure and facial wash too. This is a girly stuff that am sure some girls would love to experience being pamper with their friends.

What nail polish to pick?

I saw this collection of beautiful nail polish at the saloon. It was during my little girl’s friend birthday party. They have a manicure, pedicure and facial. She did not have her facial as she might have a reaction to the ingredients that they are using. Instead she had the manicure and pedicure. She had her manicure first.

 photo nailpolish-2.jpg
Can you guess what color of nail polish she picked? These are beautiful and vibrant colors of nail polish they have display on that wall. The little girl picked the red color nail polish. Does your little girl likes her finger nails polish? What is her favorite nail polish color?