My summer babe’s new swimsuit

Our pool will be open this weekend. I am sure that the water is freezing. It will take a while before the kids will swim in our in-ground pool. My summer babe needs a new swimsuit. The swimsuit she had last year am sure is small on her.


a one piece swimsuit for my summer babe

a one piece swimsuit for my summer babe

My husband and I went to Wal-Mart today after doing our grocery shopping in our local store. He needs to buy other stuff in Wal-Mart. I decided to check out the girls section. I bought this swimsuit for my summer babe. It cost almost $10. I usually buy her two piece swimsuit. She said she does not like two piece swimsuit which makes me real happy. She likes to wear the one piece swimsuit. I am sure that I will buy her more swimsuit this year. I know that she spends more of her time at the pool with her big brother.

I was 23 when I first wear a swimsuit. It was a two piece that was given to me by my first love. I try in-front of him. We did not go swimming together. It feels awkward because I was raised by a very conservative family. Now I do not mind wearing swimsuit only if we are in our pool. I wear my two piece but in the public beach, I wear my one piece swimsuit.


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