My product review for B Natural Organics

I will turn 39 years old this December. Yes! I am getting old and proud of it. I do not deny my age. I am sure you are very surprise about my age. Age is a number. I believe that it is how you feel about your age. It is not the age itself. I am very simple and seldom wear cosmetics.

I have a very sensitive skin. My face turns red easily if the cosmetics or products I apply have harsh chemicals or ingredients in them. I am thankful to B Natural Organics for giving me a chance to try their skin products.

Photobucket I received four pieces to try them on my face. There are bioactive facial cleanser, Botanical Enzyme Peel, Niacin Complex Balancing Mist and Day Light Organic Moisturizer. They are just the cutest sample ever. I read the products before using them. I am happy that they are organic and have aloe-vera which is very healthy to use on my face. My face does not have any reaction. It feels so sot after I apply on my face. I love the feeling on my face after I applied it. I cannot wait to try the big sizes.

Now I know how to protect my face even better. What about you? How do you take care of your face? What is your beauty regimes? Have you try B Natural Organics products? Please check out the Website for more information. I highly recommend it to everybody especially if you have very sensitive skin like me. You can also find them at Facebook .

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