My Konvine foldable flats shoes product review

I am privilege to try black foldable flats from Kovine. I just love how soft and comfortable these flats are.

Photobucket I received black foldable flats that come in an adorable box.

Photobucket It also comes with its pouch for storage. I just love my new shoes. It has rhinestone on the front and has a cute ribbon too. It is very feminine. I still cannot believe that I am wearing the coolest foldable flats in the market.

I know that I cannot wear it outside. I just cannot wait to wear to church with me. I am wearing it now. My feet feel so comfortable. I feel like I am a Princess wearing these foldable flats. I never see any foldable flats in my life except when I received these beautiful foldable flats from Kovine. I grow up wearing flats. I stand at 5’4” in height. I wear heels back in college. It makes me taller and honestly I am not comfortable wearing heels.

Every woman should have a pair of these foldable shoes. You will never know you miss something to wear in your feet.

Photobucket These shoes are very fashionable too. You can wear it in church or going to the party. You can read more information in their Facebook page. You can also ready updates in their Twitter. I already liked and follow them so I will not miss any updates or promotion. do you love flats like me? Kovine has many styles available for you.

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