Luxury Accessories – Great Gift Ideas for Men

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a graduation, a retirement or just any special occasion, buying gifts for us men can be tricky. We may find pleasure in the latest gadgets and technology or will appreciate a fine bottle of our favourite poison (mine being whiskey by the way!), but these presents are often fleeting – it won’t be long before that technology is out-dated andwill be in even less time before that bottle will be emptied.

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If you are buying for a particularly trendy gentleman then luxury accessories are a great gift idea. Designer cufflinks are a good choice as they are a small but sophisticated accessory that can be used at the office or at a formal occasion. Coloured or patterned cufflinks are great for work as they can be bought to match ties – so have a rifle through your man’s tie rack for an impression of the designs you should be looking out for. More expensive cufflinks, such as those made of sterling silver, are better for weddings and such occasions.

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If you are buying for a not-so fashion conscious chap (jeans, t-shirt and trainers being the only outfit they own) then luxury accessories are a great gift idea also: you can always guarantee an invite to a wedding or other formal occasion where these accessories are useful and, who knows, you may even influence a man’s wardrobe with one simple gesture. Your man may favour comfort over style so a knitted tie makes an excellent present. Knitted ties are best option for a relaxed look without compromising style and elegance – go for block colours to compliment a patterned shirt and vice versa. However, be careful how your store the knitted tie, as keeping it unrolled may stretch the open weave.

A third consideration would be for those men who love their cars. My father, for example, recently purchased a vintage model and I’m convinced he spends more time driving it around than he does with my mother. As a gift for his birthday last month, I opted for a trendy pair of leather driving gloves – comfortable, practical and chic.

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