How to stay healthy during college classes

College life can be exciting and challenging for most students. On the one hand they enjoy unfettered freedom and have fun with their friends on and off the campus and on the other hand they also face massive pressure of studies. Most students develop poor eating habits and forget the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. Skipping breakfast and eating fast food leads to health problems and they suffer from various ailments arising out of poor immunity. Thankfully, there are many easy ways in which students can stay healthy during college classes.

Never skip your breakfast

It is seen that students wake up late in the morning after studying hard in the night. This habit leaves very little time for them to have a breakfast as they are in a hurry to take a shower and go to attend their classes. Staying empty stomach till afternoon can have a negative impact on their digestive system and also weaken their immunity. It is advisable to keep milk and fruits in the refrigerator to have a breakfast in the morning.

Eat a healthy diet

Most students fall prey to the temptation of tasty food items that are available to them outside the campus. Fried foods, fast foods, and processed food items have very little nutrition in them and slowly wreck havoc with the health of these students. To stay healthy, a student should avoid these fast foods and unhealthy snacks and eat more of green vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. These veggies and fruits have all the necessary micronutrients that are required by the human body on a daily basis.

Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages

New found freedom for students during college life means many students develop bad habits of smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. Both these habits are bad for their health and also hamper with their studies and performance. You can stay healthy and fit by avoiding both smoking and drinking in your college life.

Take up exercising and sports

Many students find it difficult to fit exercising in their daily routine while studying in college. There are also students who feel lazy and spend their time in recreation, ignoring the importance of physical activities for their health and fitness. Exercising daily is a very good habit that helps in staying in shape and also for weight loss. Most colleges have fitness centres with all the facilities to take up exercising. Students can also take part in sporting activities to burn calories and to improve their health.

Drink loads of water

Human body is made up of nearly 70% water and it requires water in sufficient quantity on a daily basis to perform optimally. Many students overlook the importance of water and drink very little quantity. These students have a weak immune system and fall sick very frequently. Water is good for the health of your skin, bones, hair, and overall health. Make sure you keep a bottle of water with you all the time so that you can sip on it time to time. Drinking less water can also adversely affect the condition of kidneys.

Get sufficient rest and sleep

There is a lot of physical and mental stress on students because of their research paper writing and busy schedule. They try to work very hard, taking very little rest and sleep. Less sleep is not good for their physical and mental health. It has a big impact on their performance and efficiency. It also makes them irritable and susceptible to mood changes. Proper and sufficient sleep helps in recharging the body and mind and also improves the health of the individual.

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