How to look beautiful with black hairspray


This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine.

I have been working in the health care facility for almost 18 months now. Time goes so fast when you are having a good time. I am having fun knowing the residents and their history by heart. You cannot help your self but fall in-love with them. Sometimes your heart is shattered into pieces when they passed away. I told myself that I will not pour my heart again with the residents. It never happen and am doing all over again.

As a housekeeper, cleaning is not a problem. Having a clean freak husband is a plus. While the toilets are not plugged up, am great with cleaning.

The best part of working in a health care facility aside from the residents are you co-workers. I have few ladies that are my favorite CNAs. They are not only hard working but funny too especially this certain lady. The one I noticed is her hair. She has this beautiful hair and different style. At first, I thought it is her real hair. She told me,” Girl this is wig”. I was in awe.

I wonder if she knows the sensationnel wigs or probably buying her beautiful wig from this website. This store offers free shipping if you order $49. You can order any wigs that you will like. There are many lengths, colors and style that matches your personality. Being beautiful and confident by using this wig is a plus and that bubbly personality that will melt other people.

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