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Do you like to browse articles like fashion, beauty or perhaps any great articles in the internet? I do like to read articles that will help me learn ways especially for me. The only thing I hate about it is? I do not know how to save the articles that I love to read. Thanks to clipix, it saves my time and I can organize my search of anything that I love.

You should join clipix too. It is very easy to join. Please go to You can sign up as it is always free. It is my first time to join clipix and I love it. You can drop the word clip to the articles you want. You can bookmark the articles after. You can also organize your clip. What is so great about it is? You are the only one who can access of the articles that you clip. You could arrange it to your preference. Try it now and see for yourself how very interesting clipix is. You can also like clipix on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!/clipix Check it out and have the fun.

This is what I have on my clipix now. What do you think of my boards? You can leave your comment so I know what you think of my articles that I clip. I cannot wait to see your clips too.

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