How To Get Started Creating the Ultimate Punk Rock Playlist

Nothing captures the DIY-spirit of punk rock music better than creating a playlist of your favorite songs. Playlists provide a great way for you to share the music you like. They are also a powerful document of personal history as your selections reflect your thoughts and feelings. Here are some initial steps that will help you put together the ultimate punk rock playlist.

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Start Local
Your neighborhood record store is the ideal place begin. Independent shops like Angry, Young and Poor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania remain a vital part of punk music and culture. A walk through your local store is like a brainstorming session and will fill your head with songs to include on your playlist. Even if you don’t live close to an independent shop, many have a website that you can browse.

Chose an Emotion
Inside the fast riffs and energized vocals of punk, there lives a core of unfiltered emotion: existential angst, euphoria, rebellion, and more. One way to ensure a coherent playlist is to chose one of these emotions and use it as an underlying theme when selecting songs. Or, if anarchy is what you’re after, then select as many emotions as you dare.

Putting together a playlist presents an unforgettable way to interact with the music you love the most. These first two steps will allow you to get the most out of the experience and will also help you make a playlist that rocks!

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