Flintstones Gummies complete multivitamins for my kids

My kids take one multivitamins a day after they have eating their breakfast. I select the Flintstones Complete multivitamins for my kids. This multivitamins comes in chewable regular candy or gummies. L bought the gummies this time. The bottle is empty. I bought the new multivitamins to the nearest pharmacy.
Are you wondering why I buy the Flintstones kind of multivitamins? It is because it has the complete vitamins and minerals that my kids need for their body. The little girl cannot drink regular milk. This multivitamins has the 100% vitamin D which you get from drinking milk.

It is a little expensive compared to Wal-Mart but I still buy it because my kids really need them. What about you? Do your kids take vitamins too as well? What kind of vitamins they are taking?

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