2 thoughts on “Celebrate green living earth Twitter page

  1. Tamar

    Hi, just a request – for future giveaways, can you use Twitter buttons and not Rafflecopter? Twitter doesn’t penalize for putting all the buttons on one page. Only Facebook (apparently) does.

    This means you have to click to open the form, click to follow the user, click to type your name in (if necessary), click to close the form – it’s cumbersome, whereas it would be easier if it was just on one page that you can eyeball and click once or twice for the people you are following.

    Rafflecopter makes it harder than Giveaway Tools (I recommend the latter) because you can’t auto-expand entries either, so it’s much more work.

    Hope this is possible in the future. If you are not the direct organizer of the giveaway, I’d appreciate if you pass this on. Thanks Jess 🙂


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