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Redeemed my free Victoria’s Secret coupon

I got this free coupon of Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s lace underwear in red color.

Photobucket It is perfect indeed for Valentines Day. I can wear it too any time I want not only in Valentines Day.

Photobucket I redeemed it when the family went to the mall last Saturday.

Photobucket It is valued at $12.50. I know Victoria’s Secret underwear is very expensive. I got mine for free or it cost nothing at all not even a penny. I love that it is red in color. It is my favorite color. I love that it is lace too. It is perfect for my very sensitive skin. I like that it is thong as well. It is perfect to get naughty and feel sexy with my husband.

What about you? Did you get a freebie recently? I am linking this entry to Wednesday White and Ruby Tuesday .

He got a new haircut

Finally my son agreed to have his haircut last Wednesday afternoon. My husband took him to Cutting Crew saloon after he got home from school. It cost a lot but that is fine since he has a hair cut. He really needs a new haircut. He has a very long hair and covers his ears. Our son has a thick hair. I do not know where he gets that. I am glad that he agreed to have his hair cut. He will celebrate his tenth birthday this Sunday. What a perfect time to have a hair cut. He usually get a shave hair but this time just a trim to prevent his head from not getting cold. Summer definitely will have a shave head.

Photobucket Here he is with his new hair cut. What do you think? Does he look cute?

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Beautiful compact mirror to use for a beautiful you

Women loves to feel attractive no matter where they are. Cosmetics is a part of that beauty routine. I admit I have many cosmetics but never use most of them. I usually send them to overseas for my niece. She wears make up more than I do. I also do not know how to apply them correctly on my face. I use lipstick or lip gloss on my lips but that’s about it. I really wanted how to use the right foundation on my face.

How about you? Do you like to wear cosmetics? I notice that American looks so beautiful. I love how they put cosmetics on their face especially the foundation. My Mom-in-law is 81 years old yet she still looks so beautiful. She wears make-up too. I always tell her that she looks so beautiful every time I see her which is the truth.

I just turned 39 years old last Christmas. I think it is about time to learn how to put any make-up or cosmetics, right?

Photobucket I need a compact mirror like this pocket mirrors from . They look so adorable with that Swarovski metal on top. I need a compact mirror so I can learn and see myself on how to put make-up properly on my face. This compact mirror is perfect to keep in any purse. The design is so pretty that I am sure you will check yourself. I never see any compact mirror so pretty and unique in design. How about you? Do you need a new compact mirror? Why not check out this Website and give yourself a treat for buying this. You can also buy any beauty products or jewelry you need to keep your self from being beautiful. This is the cutest Website for all the women. Why not check it out for yourself