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New sandals for my summer babe

My husband and I went to Payless shoes store yesterday. My husband wants to buy a new shoes for himself. Our summer babe needs new shows as well. She is complaining that her shoes are too tight on her feet. She is wearing a size two shoes.


new sandal for our summer babe

new sandal for our summer babe


We bought a size three for her. We bought a sandal and a sneaker. Payless has a sale. You can buy one shoes and the other pair is 50%. I bought two shoes for her on both size three. She is still at school when we came home from shopping.


Our summer babe has a big feet

Our summer babe has a big feet


She saw the shoes last night but did not try it. She tried it today before going to school. She said it is too tight on her. I am shocked. This summer babe of mine has big feet. I told her that I will return and exchange it for bigger size. She will not allow me. She said it is fine. I told her I do not want to hear your complain.

I need a new headphone

I do have a headphone but it so little. I need a new headphone for myself. My kids ruin their headphones. They also needed new headphones.

I hate to listen to my kids when they are playing with games in their gadget. I cannot concentrate looking for deals online when they are loud. They needed new summer outfits. Most of their clothes are too small for them to wear this year. How I wish I have this headphone amp review so I can listen to music or watch a video after doing shopping online.

I cannot wait to find out my secret rewards from Victoria’s Secret

I have the four secret reward cards from Victoria’s Secret. I got these when I ordered my swimsuits with coupon codes that I used. I cannot wait to find out how much is my secret reward cards, I guarantee I have $10 each from the secret reward cards.

 photo victorias secret secret rewards_zps0cgoioyx.jpg

I had $50 and $100 secret rewards last year. I would be delighted if I have a $500 worth of products to buy I can dream, right? I love Victoria’s Secret products especially the intimates. I also received free coupons from them too.

My pink secret reward cards are perfect to join Pink Fridays . How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret?