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My free pink Victoria’s Secret getaway bag

Photobucket Y es! I got it for free from Victoria’s Secret promo. The only thing you do to get this free pink Victoria’s Secret getaway bag is make sure you order worth of $75 products. I think for me is still a great deal. This bag alone cost $75 so why not take advantage of it, right? I like the bag because I love the pink color. The bag is so spacious. It is too bad that Victoria’s Secret did not have this promo before my flight to the Philippines. I am sure this bag will not return to me. Have you shop to Victoria’s Secret lately? What freebies did you get? I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays .

Sponge Bob new earrings for my little girl

M little girl had her first earrings when she was three days shy on her first birthday. She is complaining recently that her ears hurt. She wants to change her old earrings. We went to Wal-Mart where she had her ears pierced. I let her choose what kind of earrings does she wants. She picked Sponge Bob earrings. I guess Sponge Bob is one of her cartoons favorite to watch with her big brother. She likes her new Sponge Bob earrings. I was 11 or 12 years old when I had my ears pierced. Does your little girls’ ear pierced? How old is she when she had her first earrings?

Bogo shoes buy one take 50% off

Photobucket I bought these shoes before our trip to the Philippines. I bought this at a shoe store close to where we live. These are Bogo shoes that were in promo when I bought it. You can buy one and take 50% off to any Bogo shoes. These shoes were on sale for $28. I only paid $14.99 plus 50% for the other pair. They both are in gold colors. What I love about the shoes is? They are so comfortable to wear. I have not worn the high heels yet. The flat shoes on the right I wear them back in the Philippines when I went to church. I also wear it an hour ago when I hear church. I am not fan of wearing high heels but this shoe is so light to wear. I only stand at 5’4” yet I am the tallest of all my friends I think. I am linking this entry to Great finds Sunday.