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Time for a hair cut at Regis Saloon

My hair is getting long. It is time for a hair cut. I usually go to the cheap salon for a hair cut. Sometimes
the saloon is pack with customers especially over the weekend. You really can save especially if you have a
coupon. You have to wait at an hour before you can have your hair cut done. I do not know if you can wait for
that long. Can you?

I go to Regis Saloon which is few dollars more. They take care of you right away. They accept walk-ins. I had
my hair permed in Regis saloon. It was my first time to have a curly hair. It did not take longer before my
hair is back to straight. My kids need hair cut too especially my son. How I wish there is a coupon available
so we can save money?

What about you? Where do you get your hair cut? Did you try Regis salo

Bogo shoes buy one take 50% off

Photobucket I bought these shoes before our trip to the Philippines. I bought this at a shoe store close to where we live. These are Bogo shoes that were in promo when I bought it. You can buy one and take 50% off to any Bogo shoes. These shoes were on sale for $28. I only paid $14.99 plus 50% for the other pair. They both are in gold colors. What I love about the shoes is? They are so comfortable to wear. I have not worn the high heels yet. The flat shoes on the right I wear them back in the Philippines when I went to church. I also wear it an hour ago when I hear church. I am not fan of wearing high heels but this shoe is so light to wear. I only stand at 5’4” yet I am the tallest of all my friends I think. I am linking this entry to Great finds Sunday.

Payment makes easier with the computer

Are you an online shopping businessperson? The ach payment will help your shopping online business makes receiving payment easier. I like to shop online. It makes me happy when I send payment through my computer. It saves me time than going to the store to pay for my shopping. Most of the customers pay after they shop online. Even my husband asks me to do when he shops or pay for our bills. Why not try it? They have programs where you can enroll for this service. It benefit’s the businessperson. It will help your business grows more and earn more. The customers will like to shop more through your online store. It gives them time to do anything after paying online than sending the payments which sometimes gets lost in the mail. Sometimes the payment is delayed and you get penalty payment for paying late. I highly recommend this service. I am sure that you should too, right?