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My Victoria’s Secret stuff that I bought from the store

I bring my kids with me to Victoria’s Secret at the mall last weekend. I redeemed my coupons. I got the underwear for free. I got a $10 off from the bra. I bought the tops for $8.99 each. They are on sale.


I bought three tops that are size large. I know size medium still fits me. I know that after washing the tops. They will get shrink. I better buy the bigger size for sure. I love the purple bra and match it with purple underwear. I am linking this entry to 366 of Blog Photo Challenge . Have you check out the Victoria’s Secret store lately?

My latest Victoria’s Secret shopping

Photobucket I shop at Victoria’s Secret last week with my kids. It was not an easy shop. My son is getting tired after our last two stores shopping before this. He has no choice but has to come with his Mommy. I have to use my coupons as they are about to expire that day. I have a $10 off, a 10% off to any bra and a free back lace underwear. I bought this brown brassière and match it with the underwear. I also bought a new lipstick and eye shadows. I seldom wear cosmetics. I know I need this cosmetic. I also have another $10 off from taking a survey which will work if you buy a $50 worth of products. What about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret? Do you use a coupon too? I am linking this entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge .

Free underwear from Victoria’s Secret

I always received a coupon in the mail about free underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Who does not wants free? I am sure that everybody does, right? I am not sure how many free underwear that I redeem free from Victoria’s Secret. I have not worn any one of my freebies. Most underwear that I redeem is red in colors. I am glad that I got a brown this time.


I love the style too. It is bikini and my favorite too. It is different and I love the feel of it too. Do you receive free coupons from Victoria’s Secret too? I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies.