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Allergies are starting to disappear

My daughter has a dairy allergies. Yesterday she helped her Mommy to bake some cookies. According to the package, there is milk on the ingredients. Fortunately, she did not have a rush after we eat the cookies. We also use one butter bar which she is allergic too. I hope that her allergies will gone forever. I hope she will enjoy the food as much as we do.

Go away virus

My kids are catching cold since they go to school. It is always like this. I do not like to see them have the runny nose. What do you as a parents, to make them feel comfortable while in school. Do you give them medicine? I try to apply Vick’s on their chest. My son is always get sick first. I do not because he is a premature or his immune system is weak.

How I wish my menstrual period is always like this

This month’s monthly menstrual cycle is easy. I do not experienced cramps which is great. My period is heavy but no pains which I love. How I wish that every month’s menstrual cycle is as easy as this month. Do you experienced cramps every period you have? Do you take medicine to relieve the pain?