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My Victoria’s Secret coupons expired

I am planning to go drive to the mall today. I want to redeem my Victoria’s Secret coupons. I know that I received it in the mail couple weeks ago. I found them and when I check the dates, they already expired. I am so mad now.

my expired Victoria's Secret coupons

my expired Victoria’s Secret coupons

I do have the free panty and a $10 off to any bra. I always buy a new bra every month with that free panty. Some women love to shop with purse, shoes or dress. I love the intimates the most. It is my fault as I hide the coupons in one drawer in the kitchen. I should display the coupons where it is visible for me.

Bought this gray sandal

I love to wear sandals. I know that summer is over. I cannot resist this sexy gray sandals that I bought at Kohl’s. It was basically free because I use my $30 Kohl’s card coupon.

I cannot wait to wear this gray sandals with my silver dress

I cannot wait to wear this gray sandals with my silver dress

The sandal cost $24 and it was on sale. It goes perfectly with my silver dress as well. I have no clue when can I wear this sandal with my silver dress. The sandals have heels which help me to be taller. I just cannot wait to wear this. Maybe next summer when I go out with my girlfriends.

Thank you Matilda Jane clothing for this beautiful dress

My little K is very blessed to receive this beautiful dress. It is from Matilda Jane Clothing. I really love how they wrap the dress. I love the packaging. It looks so beautiful. The dress is short sleeve. It is from their new products. I will share my review in my other education journal.

Thank you Matilda Jane Clothing for this beautiful dress

My little girl already tried the dress. She looks beautiful in it. She said she cannot wait to wear it for school. She supposed to wear it to school today. I told her it is still cold to wear for a dress outside. I cannot wait to share my review to you.

I am glad that my little girl loves to wear a dress. She is so girly. She likes anything that a girl does. I am sure that she cannot wait to wear this dress. I think I will let her wear this dress for Easter party. I am not sure if her Aunt is inviting us for Easter dinner.

I want to say thank you again Matilda Jane clothing for this beautiful dress.