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I need to redeem this Victoria’s Secret coupons before they will expire

I received these coupons in the mail last month. They are from Victoria’s Secret. The first coupon is free Valentines undies. The second coupon is a $10 off when you buy a bra. The third coupon is a free chocolate when your total amount is $75.

My Victoria's Secret coupons

These Victoria’s Secret coupons will expire on the 24th of this month except the third coupon which will expire on Valentines Day. Definitely I will use the first and second Victoria’s Secret coupons. I am even planning in driving to the mall while I am writing this post. I know that I still have time so I just wait and hope I can drive to the mall sometime this week or before the coupons will expire.

By the way, I only need ten (10) points as well to get my $10 off in my credit card. I think I will use my Angel card, my Victoria’s Secret credit card. I do not have any bill from that credit card.

I love to shop at their intimates section at Victoria’s Secret. I love their designs. I have to check what I have intimates I have in my drawer before buying more intimates. How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret? What products do you like the most?

Playing with my Victoria’s Secret scarf

I have these two scarves that I ordered at Victoria’s Secret last year. I got the scarves for free when I bought sweaters. The scarves come as free when you buy a sweater and enter the code WRAPUP in the check out. I think they are having the promo in their Website now. Why not check it out.

playing with my Victoria's Secret scarf

My little girl likes to play with my scarves. She was pretending she has a sprain or cast in her arms. I know my little girl is nuts and with crazy imagination at seven years old. She told me that she is cold. She needs to wear a scarf. She is my little fashionista which is different from her Mommy. This is her while playing with my scarves. She even asks me to take a picture of her. Is she adorable?

Definitely we will need to wear scarves as the days are getting colder everyday. She has her own scarves but for now she is playing with mine which I do not mind.

My Victoria’s Secret coupon for September

I got these coupons in the mail last week. It is from Victoria’s Secret. It is redeemable from September 17th to October 21st except the last coupon which is only good to use until tomorrow. I always am looking forward to receiving my Victoria’s Secret every month. The coupon varies each month as well.

My Victoria's Secret coupons for the month

This month I received coupons for one (1) full size VS fantasies mist, one (1) ten ($10) off to any bra and one (1) three (3) bag set if your total purchase is $75. Obviously, I will not use my last coupon which will expire tomorrow. I will definitely redeem the mist for my niece who likes Victoria’s Secret. I do not use the mist but my niece does. It is her favorite. I might use the ten ($10) off to any bra. I love this coupon and love the bras of Victoria’s Secret. I want to say thank you to Victoria’s Secret for sending me the coupons. I do appreciate it. The savings helps a lot as well.

How about you? Do you shop at Victoria’s Secret? Have you received your Victoria’s Secret coupons for this month as well? Are you going to redeem your coupons?