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The Beauty In Me

Thank you to Mommy Nita for giving this domain as a gift. I do appreciated it so much. This domain is about beauty and fashion. This domain will help me learn more about beauty and fashion within me. I am a simple woman with simple dreams. I create this domain to explore other horizons that beyond my limit. I hope you will follow me as I learn new beauty tips to add my simple life.

Red hat society

We were invited at the party lasts Saturday. My husband’s friend invited us. The mother of my husband’s friend had a party. She is a member of the red hat society club. She is the chairperson of the women’s club. I only heard the name but I really do not know what it is all about. I met few ladies and I asked her what is the club all about. She said that it is for ladies that want to make friends and have the best time in their lives. This picture was in their backyard. I could not resist how pretty the red hat is.