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Pink blow hair dryer

I am very amazed how pretty my hair dresser’s blow hair dryer is. I love it because it is pink. It reminds me of breast cancer patients for the month of October. I plan to give my hair for a breast cancer survivor in the other saloon. My husband did not know my plan. He schedule a hair appointment in another saloon. I think next time I will give my hair. I do not have problem growing my hair. It grows like a weed.

I Like Long Hair

The only thing I hate is putting accessories. I cannot put anything on my hair. It gives me headache. I cannot tie it with pony tail, a clip or put a hat on. I did perm my hair but found out was allergy to the medicine. I do not now what to do with my hair. I guess I have to cut it short.

Umbrella will keep you cover

We used this umbrella to the beach yesterday. This was on our picnic table by the pond. I am glad that my husband brought it with us yesterday. It really keep us cover from the sun rays. A great thing to keep us cool. I love this umbrella. It is really important for the Summer.