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Where to buy perfumes

They said that being beautiful means that you smell fresh every time you go out with friends. It feels great knowing that you take care of your body. People like men and women likes to put anything on their body that will attract them from the opposite sides. Some use cosmetics and others use body spray. Do you like to use cologne or perfume? You can find cheap perfume for both men and women in this Website. I know that I have to body for my family back home as a gift when I go home. This will help myself saves some bucks because they have a sale going on. They even have 10% off and free shipping. This is a perfect gift for Valentines Day if you think of any to give to your sweethearts.

Brown face mask for the kids

My husband bought these face mask for his kids. The store is having an outerwear sale. I am glad that he bought two, one for his son and one for his daughter. Buffalo has a crazy weather. I know that our winter is mild but there are times that it is bone chilling outside. The kids use these face mask when they play outside the snow, make snowman and sledding. The face mask surely protects their faces from the chills. My husband spends time with his kids outside. I stay inside while watching them having fun in the snow. I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies.

My little girl’s orange Ariel hair brush


Every Princess needs a hair brush to keep that hair shiny, right? This is my little girl’s orange Ariel hair brush. I bought this on Target and it was not expensive. I think I paid $2 maybe or $3, am not sure. I really like this hair brush because it works on her thin hair. She likes to brush her hair by herself. I help her when she gets ready to school. Ariel is one of her favorite Princess too. Does your little girl likes to brush their hair too? How I wish that her stays longer. I am linking this entry to Orange Tuesdays.