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She loves this crochet shirt

I brought my kids to TJ Maxx after my son had a haircut. The store is only one close door distance from the saloon. This is my first time for my kids to visit their store. I have been in the store twice now.

 photo crochet shirt_zpsqqofbojj.jpg

I love the store. They sell designer clothes that are affordable in prizes. They also sell famous brand that cost a fortune. They sell clothes, shoes, home and others. I went to the girls section. My little girl found this crochet shirt in size 7/8.

We tried it in the fitting room. It fits her really well. I told her that she will not wear next year. I think we should get a bigger size. Unfortunately, there is no same shirt that is in the clearance section. We bought this shirt instead. It cost $10 and the little girl is very happy. She starts to have her own fashion style already. She is only eight years old.

Applying make-up is easy with Ecstasy by Paula Dorf

Being a woman is hard sometimes especially when you are attending a party or meeting a friend. You have to make sure that you look beautiful. One thing to make our self beautiful is by wearing make-up. There are many brands to choose from. There are many beauty products to buy too.

 photo pauladorfbeauty_zps591262f1.jpg

I admit at 41 years old, am not a fan of wearing make up. I always have a bare face ad natural beauty within me. I still learning how to apply make-up properly. I love to wear a lip stick and a lip gloss.

 photo pauladorfbeautyA_zps24c7b11f.jpg

I am happy that Paula Dorf sent me this 3n1 lipstick, cheek and eyes. The lip stick is called Ecstasy . I got the one in pink. I usually wear a dark color lip stick. I love the Ecstasy. It is easy to apply on. I used it on my lips, cheeks and eyes.

 photo pauladorfbeautyB_zps7c74a061.jpg

I really loved the Ecstasy from Paula Dorf. It is very easy to apply. This 3n1 will save you money. I highly recommend it to everybody who loves to wear make-up. Aside from this 3n1 make-up there are more beauty products to choose from lips, eyes, face and nails.

 photo pauladorfbeautyC_zps89328f1a.jpg
With each readers purchase, they will receive the gift of our mini No Color Glimmer, a gorgeously soft, lightweight powder to complete your look! The perfect accent to Ecstasy.

Paula Dorf is giving away a makeup kit full of some of our favorite products! Have your readers can enter for a chance to win this Paula Dorf makeup kit ($125 value) here:

You can check out more beauty products in Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest .

i received the lip stick from BrandBacker . I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

Bought a new Victoria’s Secret purse

I love the small kind of purse. I do not like the big purse. A small purse is perfect for my wallet, cell phone and camera inside. My old Tommy Hilfiger green purse needs a new replacement.

 photo s-l140_zpsee6eb625.jpg

I was searching purses on Ebay. I found this black purse. It is from Victoria’s Secret which is my favorite brand. I bought it that day. The total cost is $5.70 which includes shipping.

I cannot wait to receive it. I really needed this new purse before my movie date with my hubby on the 12th of February. I am sure that before our date, this purse will arrive.

How about you? Do you prefer small or big purses?