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My Victoria’s Secret freebies

I got this coupon in the mail few days ago. I love to shop at Victoria’s Secret. It does not matter if it is online or in the store. I am happy that they send me coupon in the mail every month. I always get a free underwear. How sweet is that? I can also save $10 off from my purchase. You can only buy it with pink. I love pink. Most women are. I cannot wait to go to the mall.

New Wii Game

I heard from most of my friends that Wii is really fun and good for exercise. My kids played the Wii when we went to one of my friends house for a Bible Study and they had a blast playing the game. I also played the Wii especially the Wii Fit and I told myself that someday I want to have that game and finally we got one. Ever since my kids love to play the game and exercise with me. I love the Wii fit especially the Yoga and wishing that with perseverance I could firm my tummy a little bit. Here is a picture of my little girl playing the Wii.